Marilyn Adamson started in 2000 and continues to direct it. The site is now in over 40 languages, visited by over 125 million people. In addition to some articles on, hundreds of thousands have signed up for various email series she has authored.

Marilyn has a B.A. in Journalism and has become highly proficient in select areas of Internet building and marketing.


After years as an atheist, convinced God did not exist, Marilyn Adamson began to question the possibility of God. It was prompted by the intelligence and quality of life of a believing friend. Wondering if there were objective, solid reasons to believe in God’s existence, Marilyn began a search.

For 1.5 years, nearly daily, she questioned, researched, weighed the evidence. Marilyn eventually concluded that scientific and historical evidence made a very compelling, logical argument for God. Reluctantly, she decided to acknowledge his existence and begin a personal relationship with him. Her prayer was, “Ok, you win…” (You can read her entire personal story here.)

In the years that followed, Marilyn found a relationship with God to be so valuable, her life became centered on helping others know God.

Marilyn is also a leader in the largest Christian mission organization in the world, known as Cru in the U.S. She has spoken numerous times at international conferences in more than a dozen countries.