Our organization has had great success in partnering with LGBTQ communities in presentations, seminars, key note speaking events, and more.  The question we are commonly asked is why have we had such success and impact while the vast majority of our leadership team are heterosexual or straight?  The answer does not lie in our presentations or material, but rather in our beliefs.  We believe beyond any shadow of a doubt that Jesus commanded us to love EVERYONE as He has loved us.  There is no stipulation that we should only love those who "are like us," or those who are heterosexual, or those who act like Christ followers on the outside. 

Instead, Christ said to love everyone.  We also understand that the Bible is explicitly clear that salvation is an act of God, not of man, solely given from His grace, not from your works and actions but rather your faith in him, there leaves little room for debate.  The Bible is more than clear that God wants a relationship with each person, including each person who identifies as LGBTQ.

Our faith defines our heart and although we relish the opportunities to share God's love with anyone we can, we do work within the confines of the law of the land.  We do not push our faith on those who are unwilling, at school events, etc.  We are able to share a message of hope and love along with respect in those situations that require it.

If you would like to discuss having God & LGBTQ in to speak at your event, CONTACT US.

If you are thinking about suicide and in need of immediate support, please call the TrevorLifeline at 1-866-488-7386